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Our Center provides ongoing training and education for all our employees.
This process brings new, fresh ideas and concepts to continually challenge and excite our students.  Our local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency provides insights, guidance, classes, workshops and materials to support our efforts to promote a quality child care environment.  This enviroment is developed and nurtured by a very select group of teachers who work together to provide the very best experiences possible for young children. 

Special activity days and field trips add extra-curricular learning experioences and provide opportunities for our parents to be fully involved in the classroom activities and experiences.

Several family outings are provided during the year for parents, children and teachers to get better acquainted and learn more about each other.   Forming strong bonds between our families and the center staff is a primary goal for all of us.

A manager is on site at all times and available to answer questions or handle any problems you may have.   Guidance and direction to employees and children is provided by constant involvement in the classrooms by members of our managerial team.
Caring for and providing learning experiences for your child is our only business.